Statistics, an award from the USA to Ruggero Bellio from the University of Udine

Ruggiero Bellio, Professor of Statistics in the Department of Economics and Statistics at the University of Udine, is among the winners of the WJ Youden Prize in Intermediate Tests, promoted by the American Statistical Association. The award was established in 1985 to highlight publication authors who have made significant contributions to the design and/or analysis of interlaboratory tests or who have provided highly innovative methods for analyzing data derived from such tests.

Ruggiero Bellio received the award with Giovanni Parmigiani, Lorenzo Triba of Harvard University and Roberta De Vito of Brown University in Providence (US) for the study’s multifactor analysis paper. The four winners proposed a new category of factor analysis methodologies for the combined analysis of multiple studies and the research was published in the scientific journal Biometrics.

The WJ Youden Award in Intertests is presented annually at the ASA Joint Statistical Meetings, considered one of the most important international events for statisticians. “I am very pleased with the award of Professor Bellio, who certifies the quality of the studies of the Department of Economics and Statistics,” says Marcelino Gaudenzi, Rector of the University of Udine. “The study proved to be particularly innovative because it can be used to analyze gene expression data from different laboratories, allowing the separation of information common between all studies of primary interest in the search for specific items due to the different experimental protocols of different laboratories.” The award-winning article presents an application for the analysis of gene expression data related to ovarian cancer.

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