SSC CDMX captures “El Charmín”, the alleged gang leader who steals cell phones in the Historic Center

authorities Mexico City arrested July “R”nicknames Charmindesigned as Alleged gang leader what or what Cell phone theft at central axisin it Historic Center.

The events occurred when CDMX policemen made a security tour near the shopping plaza, and noticed that on the corner of República de Uruguay and the central hub of Lázaro Cárdenas, someone threatened a woman with a firearm, asking him to hand over his belongings.

When faced with a possible criminal act and with all the precautions of the case, the officers quickly apprehended the 44-year-old potential official, who underwent a preventive review, according to police procedure protocols.

as a result , Charmin They were given a short firearm with four useful cartridges, as well as a mobile device and cash, items that were identified by the injured person as their property.

Based on the foregoing, the man was arrested, informed of his legal rights and presented to the Public Prosecutor, who will determine his legal status.

It is worth noting that after verifying the information, it was learned that the detainee may be part of a criminal cell dedicated to stealing mobile phones on the central hub, whose members hide in the area’s shopping plaza and later resell electrical appliances in the area. The same place.

In addition, he learned that he had two admissions to the prison system in Mexico City, due to the crimes of aggravated theft in 2019 and 2021.

With information from Lopez-Dóriga Digital

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