Spain returns the women and crushes Finland

Spain made its debut by winning the 2022 European Women’s Cup.

lining up:

It was Finland that moved up the scoreboard when not a minute passed after the start of the match. Linda Salestrom entered the area and with a cross shot put her team ahead.

Spain’s goal came in the 26th minute when Irene Paredes shot after a precise header corner kick.

In the 40th minute, Mabe provided an exceptional serve in the area, headed by Aitana Ponmatti, and with her amazing goal, the Spaniard climbed onto the scoreboard.

This is how the first half ended: Spain 2-1 Finland.

In the supplementary part, “La Roga” in the 74th minute was able to make the score 3-1 after a mistake was charged and after a pass from Maria Leon also headed by Lucia Garcia, this was the reason for this result.

On aggregate, the maximum penalty was set for “Las soรฑadoras” and with a superb combo of Mariona Caldentey the knockout went down 4-1.

In doing so, the Spaniards add their first three points and leave the Finns without units.

On the second date of the Women’s European Championship in England 2022, Finland will face Denmark on Tuesday 12 July at 11:00 am (CST). Spain will be duel against another favorite team to win the title: Germany. This match will be played on the same day but at 2:00 PM (CST).

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