Spain beat Finland in the first appearance of the European Championship

  • The team overcame the cold start of the match and overturned the first Finnish goal with goals from Irene Paredes, Itana Ponmatti, Lucia Garcia and Mario Caldente.

The Spanish team made its debut with a 4-1 victory over Finland, despite a more complicated than expected start. Jorge Velda chose to celebrate the eleventh party against the least expensive team of the group, and the only surprise was the royal Irene Guerrero. Tuesday test Germany It will be more demanding.

Salestrom’s goal in the first minute of play changed the team’s tactics against Finland. Assisting in the attack from almost their own area, they managed to surprise the Spanish defense. The goal knocked out the team. that started To show nervousness after Finn’s goal.

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For those of Jorge Velda It was difficult for them to restore the usual rhythm of the match Avoid inaccuracies. The team’s first chances were defender Laila El Wahaby, who tried twice from outside the penalty area. But the clearest opportunities came only after 20 minutes of play, when the doubts of the national team disappeared.

Battery Gigarou’s disallowed goal gave the team the boost they needed to achieve victory. Aitana managed to achieve the first with the help of Mariona. however, The goal will come thanks to Captain Irene Paredeswho tied the match after finishing the match with a header.

Finland made more attempts to beat the Spanish defense in the first half, but Mabe Leon cut his way with his usual safety. The clearest chance to score the second goal was by Irene Guerrero, but it was Etana who made the most in the first half. And his chance came The second of the team, again with a header, after a pass from Mabe Lyon from outside the region. Then the team regained the rhythm of the game that distinguishes it. And they managed to get into the break with the game already on the right track.

Finland pressed to return to the field of play, but Summary The meeting is over Sandra’s clothes. I tried that too Una Battle For the national team, who has overcome the entire opponent’s defense with great skill, but stop corbella The ball ended up to his right. She insisted again minutes later with another header, but neither she nor Laya Alexandri They manage to extend the distance on the scoreboard.

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Jorge Velda’s team, which was already more paused in the game, tried it with almost all of his players, but they continued to fail. The score was 3-1 with Lucia Garcia, which he finished after Mabe Leon’s free kick. The fourth was grazing with a shot from Marta Cardona from outside the area, but Corbella saved a more sublime goal.

Constant attempts by Marta Cardona, who came out as a shock almost at the end of the match, ended with the desired result. Real Madrid football player was born Penalty kick by Mario Caldente. The team passed the first match of the European Championship, which was a category test to face the most difficult group stage match against Germany.

Spain 4 – Finland 1

SpainSandra Fabrics. Una Batley, Irene Paredes, Mabe Lyon, Laila Wahabi (Sheila Garcia, AD 60); Patri Gujjarro, Aitana Ponmatti (Athena del Castillo, M78), Irene Guerrero (Laya Alexandre, M60); Lucia Garcia (Claudia Pena, M.86), Ester Gonzalez (Marta Cardona, M.78) and Mariona.

Finland: Corbella. Koivisto, PikkujΓ€msΓ€, Westerlund, Hyyrynen (Kuikka, M.66), Γ–ling (Amanda Rantanen, M.87), Summanen (Olga Athinen, M.84), Alanen, Engman, Franssi (Jenny Danielsson, M.84), & Salestrom .

Objectives: 0-1, Salestrom (M1); 1-1 Irene Paredes (AD 26); 2-1 Aitana Ponmaty (AD 41); 3-1 Lucia Garcia (75th Round); 4-1, Mariona Caldente (M.90+5)

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