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The Vice President of Space X reminded the workers that Musk can do whatever he wants at the company: “Space X is Elon and Elon is Space X,” he tells them. Soon after they were fired.

Nine employees X spaceSpace Corporation Elon MuskThey were expelled for signing a letter criticizing them “Harmful behavior on Twitter” After the controversial purchase of the company for $ 44 thousand million.

According to The New York Times, which cited several of the dismissed—some anonymous, others by their first and last names—the signatories They were publicly reprimanded in the company that their letter was an act of extreme.

SpaceX Vice President John Edwards Remind them that Musk can do whatever he wants at the company: “Space X is Elon and Elon is Space X,” he tells them. After a brief period They are separated.

The newspaper devotes a lengthy article to this incident, which, according to him, shows it Difficulty expressing approval or opposition within Elon Musk’s companieswho in turn showed little sympathy for the efforts of his employees’ unions.

On Tuesday, the same newspaper reported that more than two dozen Twitter employees had been fired for criticizing Musk. And also yesterday he learned that he gave A warning to workers remaining in the network to show “exceptional performance” consisting of “working long hours at high intensity”, or else they will be fired.

Likewise, the incident reveals another problem of Musk’s network of companies, such as confusion between one company and another, which has been evident on several occasions: the man did not sell only Tesla shares (worth 4,000 million) to finance his purchase. Twitter, however It brought in experts from its other companies to redesign the social network’s new functionality.

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