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Satisfying the last wish of the terminally ill – this is exactly what the car wants from the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB).

Swim with the dolphins again, head to the sea, go to the stadium or simply visit a good friend away. The last wishes of the terminally ill, which their relatives often cannot or hardly implement. Patients need medical care and special transportation. here comes wish a car in the game. It is specially equipped. A bit like an ambulance. There are specially trained companions on board – all on a voluntary basis. They do their best to ensure that the passenger’s last wish is fulfilled and he accompanies them exactly there.

There are already 23 such security vehicles nationwide. Two of them are in Baden-Württemberg: in Mannheim and Ludwigsburg. Soon there will be another one, because the southern region of Baden will now have its own dream car.

Posted by The Wishing Cart on Monday 25 July 2022

Still new: the project I wish a car for South Baden

The dream car project in South Baden is still very new – planning has already started a few days ago. If all goes smoothly, the car should drive along the streets of south Baden at the end of the year: from the Swiss border to Villingen-Schoeningen, along the Rhine track to Baden-Baden and everything in between. Until then, however, there is still a lot of work to do for project manager Yannick Kehrer.

“It is a great honor to lead the project.”

The car has already been ordered and is in production. Kehrer still has to plan, organize, and manage everything else. Clothes still had to be ordered, flyers printed, and 20-30 volunteers found. Some have already volunteered, but nothing has been fixed yet, says Jannick Kahrer. It has already been proven that offices should be in Offenburg. They should be ready to move in by October or November.

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Tina Schönleber and Yannick Kehrer. He headed the security car project in Mannheim. It is new in South Baden


With dream cars already out there, Yannick Kehrer is of course in close contact with the teams – especially with the Mannheim team. South Baden staff will also be trained there in November. Everything is still in the middle of the planning process, which is why the word ‘should’ is often used instead of ‘have’. But the SWR remains tuned and reported as soon as news emerges about the coveted vehicle for South Baden.

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