Sony has loaded three PS5 Boeing 747s to ensure Christmas supplies

Japan’s PlayStation is launching an extraordinary and costly plan to reduce issues with the availability of the next-generation console.

Sony Launched a contingency plan to ensure there was no shortage of supplies PS5 during the Christmas season. The Japanese house has implemented a strategy according to which, despite the shortage of semiconductors plaguing the entertainment world, gamers in the UK will not be left without a console during the holidays. As reported by The Sun, three Boeing 747s have been banned to supply one of the world’s most important markets for video games.

Sony, Hand to Wallet for PS5 –

as he read the sunThree Boeing 747s loaded with about 50 PS5 platforms and landed directly Heathrow AirportLondon main airport. And the English website explained, that the content of these planes was enough to fill the trailers with twelve trucks, which supplied the main chains in the region. Sony confirmed these views and explained that it had carried out an “exceptional process” that had begun to “stock shelves in the UK with the PS5 for Christmas”. The exceptional nature of the process is also dictated by the fact that, as a rule, the delivery of controllers is carried out by ship from the Asian countries in which they are produced, while the delivery of air cargo (which has already been used in times of epidemics, with excellent results ) is rare due to high costs.

Happy Christmas players –

“Sony wants to keep its fans happy after some of the issues we had with the new console, and this is an unprecedented air delivery. A rare 747 After it was turned off by British Airways, but it can carry a large amount of cargo. Each aircraft can carry 100 tons of equipment on approximately 50 pallets. “This means that millions of gamers will be smiling at Christmas,” the video game giant explained in a statement. Despite this aggressive strategy, supply problems have not been overcome: Nintendo has just burned 20% of its planned Switch shipments by the beginning of 2022, due to a shortage of semiconductors.

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