So you can find the identification number of your credentials

The voting card From National Electoral Institute (INE) is perhaps the most important definition because it does not only allow us to exercise our right to do so vote In various elections, but several actions are also required.

That is why, over time, more and more INE elements have been integrated Safety To the voter’s credentials that allow us to ensure that this official document is unique and not falsifiable.

One of the information they usually ask for on a regular basis is OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which is the data identifier number for your voter card and is 12 or 13 digits long.

This number is always located on the back of the credentials, on older models it is on one side, while on newer models on the first line at the bottom after the “<<" symbols.

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Security elements for your voting card


The colors of UV inks are felt by black light, they contain static printed data (INE, MEXICO), images and variable citizen data.

The design of the security background is combined with the border of the image, giving the appearance of merging this image with the rest of the credential design.

All credentials have a pattern of shapes made up of fine lines that are generally difficult to imitate with printers or copiers, if you try them, you’ll get points, not lines.

It contains a legend: the National Electoral Institute, which cannot be read with the naked eye.

They have patterns of lines printed in two or more colors of ink simultaneously which form representative images of each region of the country with a rainbow effect.

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When touched with fingertips, the initials of INE and the ballot paper entering the ballot box are seen.

  • Ghost photography with variable data

Ghost photography is enhanced as a security element by implementing software that creates the image from citizen data with a variable pattern, making it unique and difficult to reproduce.

Specialized printing ink that changes color depending on the angle of light from which it is viewed. On the voting card, you can see the change of color of the map of the Mexican Republic located in the lower right, as well as the left bar next to the image of the citizens.

All decals have specially designed fonts that mimic the effect of embossing. It is very difficult to reproduce this effect using scanners or digital photos. On the back of the credentials you can see an image composed with the names of all the entities in the country.

  • Optical Variable Element (OVD)

The color of the device changes, depending on the angle of light that is observed, and the images that can be seen are. National Statistics Institute logo, ballot box, coat of arms of Mexico and the effect of Science.


On the back, all credentials have the citizen’s portrait printed in ink that reacts to ultraviolet light or black light.

In the periphery where the voting boxes are, there is a miniature text that cannot be read with the naked eye.

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All decals have specially designed fonts that simulate an embossed effect that is difficult to reproduce with a scanner or digital photos. An image with the names of state entities can be seen in the credentials.

They printed patterns of lines with two or more simultaneous colors of ink that mimic the effect of a rainbow.

This item can be scanned with a “smartphone” phone and leads to the page of services provided by the institute to citizens, where you can access it to make an appointment, locate the corresponding unit, and check the correctness of your credentials.

These items can be checked through an exclusive INE app that is more flexible and easier to improve voting card verification, plus the way the data is generated in QR codes allows for a guarantee that they are issued by INE, preventing the use of fake or altered credentials.

The credentials are printed with a special ink that generates a color change in a variable manner depending on the angle of observation or lighting, this effect can be seen on the credentials with the INE logo located at the top right.

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