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News and details about the sixth season of the hit TV series produced by BBC and distributed by Netflix

Good news for lovers Peaky masks, British television series produced by the BBC and distributed in Italy Netflix. Produce the long-awaited new episodes Sixth seasonAgain, after the “forced” stop caused by the Coronavirus epidemic. To advertise the grandmother is Regista Anthony Byrne, In the past few hours, he posted on Instagram a reassuring post for fans.

Specifically, Byrne explained that in this difficult period marked by the health emergency – as the UK has been hit hard by the pandemic – everyone involved in the making of the chain has worked tirelessly to get back to work in a safe environment. “we are ready”Announce, everything is immortalized with an image Killian Murphy The actor playing the Magnet and Icy Shelby Measurement, The “head” of arsonists at Becky Blinders.

Peaky Blinders: Season 6 will close the series, but the story will continue on other channels

Recently, the BBC announced, through an official statement, that the sixth will be the final season of Peaky Blinders. The Producer Stephen Knight He declared that the final act of the audiovisual producer would be flowery, matchless and full of twists. Knight sure of it “It will be the best season”. Not only that: the producer has also announced that the TV series’ cycle will be ending. So we’ll get to a “closed” end, even if Knight always makes it clear, “The story will continue in another form.”.

It is unclear what future projects would be developed around the angry gangster family in Birmingham in the 1920s. An accidental premise on one of Peaky’s protagonists shouldn’t be ruled out, perhaps in Thomas Shelby, a character with irresistible charm.

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When in season Peaky Blinders have six atmospheres

Unknown Checkout date From the series (So ​​far there is no official date), Although it seems likely that the new episodes could be aired by the BBC Before the end of 2021. For Italian Netflix viewers, the wait will last at least a few weeks, which is the time it takes the American broadcast giant to distribute it on its own channel.

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