Since Monday, there has been an ongoing earthquake in Croatia, with 80 earthquakes measured in the last 3 days

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3,500 homes in the region were damaged in the 5.2-magnitude earthquake on Monday and the 6.3 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday. Aftershocks persist.

In the last 72 hours, more than 80 earthquakes were measured by the Croatian Seismological Service, many of them exceeding their magnitude 4.

According to the channel’s correspondent, even those whose homes were slightly damaged do not dare to return to their homes. Many are still sleeping in their cars, while others are housed in the Pterenga barracks or the Sisak gym. In many places there is still no electricity and heating.

A resident told the reporter that everyone is waiting for the containers and caravans. The government promised to provide containers and a hundred convoys to the region, twenty of which arrived in Jalina on Thursday. On the community level, 25 convoys arrived on Wednesday with private donations as part of a special activity organized by civilians. Education Minister Radovan Fox said that many schools and kindergartens also need to be completely rebuilt.

Cover photo: Stipe Majic / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

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