Sina launched a call for art programs; There are 80,000 seats

The public institution offers its offer of face-to-face and remote training, for technical and technological professions, with more than 81 thousand places available across the country.

National Apprenticeship Service signedOpening a new invitation for face-to-face and remote training, which will be available until May 24, for Colombians and foreigners who have a residence and study permit in the country, As well as persons with disabilities who wish to start their studies in higher education.

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“As part of our commitment to relevant and quality education, we are opening a new face-to-face training offer to continue accrediting holistic professionals and directing them towards the productive sectors in the country,” said Sena’s general manager. Carlos Mario Estrada Molina.

The call is available throughout the national territory and has more than 81,000 vacancies at the technical, technical, deepening, operational and auxiliary more than 350 programs such as: software analysis and development, administrative assistance, building construction, and industrial outerwear manufacturing, among others.

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For the timely entry of the disabled, it is recommended to follow the instructions attached to the Sena Sofía Plus website.

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Step by step to record the call signed

1. Go to

2- Check the box that says: What do you want to study?

3. Select the program level and type a keyword such as: cooking, accounting, etc. Then the city in which you want to study and press “Search”. All training program information will appear.

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4- If you are registered in the Sofía Plus application, enter the information required to start the registration process. If not, follow the instructions attached on the page.

For more information about the call, call in Bogota, To the toll-free line 343 0111 and in the rest of the country at 018000-910-270.

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