Shy players and passionate fans

NSr was constantly moving and setting standards constantly. He rowed his arms forward and backward, making unmistakable references to those moments when collective efforts in the direction of attack or defense were necessary. In between, the man in the gray wool shirt raised his arms to applaud as his players did something worth watching.

In other words: Stefan Kuntz, the new coach of the Turkish national football team, was as committed and positive at all times on Friday evening, as he was before in his successful years as coach of the German under-21 national team, when it came to supporting his players in. Every case to support. The fact that his premiere at Istanbul’s Fenerbahce Stadium on Friday night was only halfway successful had more to do with the fact that 58-year-old Sarlander has taken on a difficult, if attractive, legacy, succeeding teammate Senol Gunes.

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At the moment, it was enough in Group G World Cup qualifiers only to 1:1 for third place in the table against second Norway after goals by Akturkoglu (6th minute) and Torsvedt (41). Too little to cheer up the prospects of reaching the finals in Qatar in 2022, but still enough to keep hoping for your chance in the subsequent matches that still have to be played in three games.

Notorious optimist Koontz, who also won two European Championship titles (2017, 2021) and runner-up (2019) with Germany’s U-21 team due to his sympathetic and passionate nature, is now at games in Latvia on Monday (8.45 pm) as well as in November against Gibraltar and Montenegro are under pressure to win. The question your new coach will also ask is whether his brave and courageous team over long spells at Sükrü Saracoglu will make a quantum leap towards more self-confidence by then.

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