Shred the Netflix series in all languages ​​of the world

Strappare lungo i bordi, Zerocalcare

It was one of the biggest hits in recent months, but it immediately became clear how much Cut along the edges He was able to cross national borders. Obviously, the Netflix series originated from the comics of Zerocal Care Which he designed has been translated into different languages ​​to make it available Subscribers from all over the world, as we can see in the video below, which gives us a glimpse of how the different characters are expressed:

Without exaggeration, it is certainly strange to hear Portuguese, French, English, Polish, Spanish Some jokes of Zerocalcare, Armadillo, Secco, Sarah and Alice became famous among the audience of the series. A brief example of what you might discover on your own with a review Six episodes with another dubbing, perhaps to see how it was translated”joket“,”Canal GardenOr specific responses from an armadillo.

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And to say that at that time there was a lot of talk about Romano Come stumbling block To understand the story beyond the borders of Rome, or from Rebabia. Good trivia to discuss one more than the same author – in the century Michelle Rich (We met him) – stigmatized as “stupid question“.

“The series can be criticized for a thousand reasons: it could be bad, maybe my acting is inadequate. But the question of the Roman accent is ridiculous, not even worth discussing. Anyone able to go grocery shopping alone can understand the rips along the edges. Others are either Bad faith or need an excuse to go to the newspapers.”

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After overcoming differences, and boundaries, it is now expected only official – by Netflix e Zerocalcare The start of the second season. Provided that they are all convinced, and the author Find a way to survive, the condition that he jokingly said place him Complete the adventure.

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