Shocking moment when a swimming surfer escapes from a shark on the beach

This surfer will never forget moment of panic who lived in the water. He was not chased by a wave, but was chased by a Shark. Her only concern is getting away from him. A sad moment happened in a Victoria Beach, On Australia.

full sequence was recorded for the camera he was holding Roger vinegar خل on his helmet. browser I managed to escape with the help of flippers He was dressed, which allowed him to swim faster.

“My only reaction was to walk away from him and give him fins.”

Roger Essig explained to Australian TV the horrific moment the shark experienced while trying to escape.

“My only reaction was to walk away from him and give him my fins,” the surfer explained. “It was like a magic trick, suddenly there was a sharkHow shocking it is to have a shark there without realizing that it was approaching me‘, admits this Australian surfer.

“That was the scary part. I just lost it, and went into a panic state,” he admits 42 years old surfer After this unexpected and dangerous encounter with a shark nearly two meters long.

“Had I seen him swim towards me, I could have had a different reaction, but… it was something incomprehensible,” Roger Essig admits.

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