Shippers, Ramez are putting the finishing touches to the menus at the end of the season

This was a different summer at NFL training camps – and a different season Strong blows But some things never change.

It is the last weekend before the start of the regular season, and that means the finalists will cross with football. Each team needs access to a roster of 53 players, with 16 additional locations dedicated to their coaching team (a batch of six opening matches from years past due to COVID-19 concerns). As usual, Strong blows He did a good job introducing us to a bunch of long shots in both RAMs and chargers.

Most years, we see at least one player beat the odds to fulfill their dream of making an NFL roster. So consider it on the brand for 2020 so none of the long shots of this season Strong blows It survived a weekend break at the end of the Tuesday season. Should we relate this to a summer without a pre-season schedule, a fact that has robbed free, unoccupied customers finally opting for a mega stage to sell themselves? Maybe it didn’t help.

Darius Bradwell, the apprentice who ran back, according to Chargers conditioning trainer John Lott, came to camp like an “ice cream man”, slimmed down but still gets a call from The Turk. Teammate Breden Fuco (Hakka dance man) also got the worst phone call in soccer. Rams longshots JuJu Hughes (Mr. Toothpick), Donte Deayon (Laughing Skinny Man), and even Brett Favre’s favorite midfielder, Clay Johnston, have been asked to hand over their digital playbooks.

Each of the players accepted invitations to join their coaching teams – except for Johnston, who chose to join the coaching team of the Panthers, the team that employs his father and former Baylor coach Matt Rolle.

The saddest story at the end is reserved for Derwin James, episode-starting Chargers safety star talking with Keenan Allen about being away from one big season of owning his own shoes, and ending up limping off the field after suffering a season-ending knee injury.

Strong blows It shows us how it all fell, a non-contact injury in practice that left teammates and coaches dazed. He heard an unknown charger shouting, “No! No!” James also falls to the ground. “Are you straight, brother?” Asks Melvin Ingram. “You have a muscle cramp?” The voice of a anxious team member was almost trying to turn the situation into something less serious.

“Every agent who has an out-of-work safety has called them in the past 48 hours,” says General Manager Tom Telescu.

Unfortunately for the chargers, there is no substitute for a player like Derwin James. You can hear him in Anthony Lin’s voice speaking on the phone from his desk. “Our safety is disabled.” There was no need to specify which safety he was referring to. James is one kind of bargain.

No team achieves glory without surviving some heavy beats along the way.

– Oh man, James is injured this is the problem. We all knew it would come during the end, and this knowledge made Montague James dominate all stages of training even more painful. If James returns to action next September as expected, he will do so after missing 27 of his last 32 matches. That’s some really dirty work by the soccer gods.

– Congratulations Anthony Lynn your boss Hard Knox: Los Angeles best player! Lynn pretty much had the virtual trophy in the bag upon his final entry, but he removed any question when he delivered that heartfelt, heartfelt talk to Bradwell, a young player who sees Lynn – who was running again himself – as a promising prospect in need of guidance. . How can any player watch this season and not want to play with Lyn? Chargers collided with a special someone.

– Meanwhile, Sean McVeigh was fairly calm Strong blows Debut this summer. I have a theory that he decided to pull back when that whole step was to take off his shirt and pretend his dog could do pool tricks, he sidestepped horribly at the premiere. There was no going back from that.

— Occasionally Strong blows The Player-Works-Out-Alone-At-Dawn / Dusk montage sounds like an attitude (see: Watt, JJ) and sometimes … well … no. Tyrod Taylor’s pre-dawn exercise profile is in the final category. Taylor isn’t the starting most talented player in the league, but there’s a reason he got his third chance to start a team in 10 years in the league. He’s running recently, communicating well with his coaches and colleagues, and setting an example that others can follow. Will play.

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– I found it strange that the name “Philip Rivers” didn’t appear once in five episodes.

– Thus concluding the coverage of the fifteenth season of Strong blows On It was another entertaining set of especially memorable episodes due to the COVID-19 events and last week’s powerful social justice episode, which will become one of the best series. Click here to access Hard Knox: Los Angeles Spotify playlist, Which I nurture every year with love and affection, a high school student fond of love.

Let’s do it again in 2021 – preferably without masks.

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