Shiclayo: 13 people were arrested with 265 cell phones without receipts and theft | Release

Through a joint operation between the Public Prosecution Office and the police, it was possible to arrest 13 persons involved in the alleged crime against property in the form of an aggravated reception, in the heart of .

This time, agents of the Green Squadron, named Miguel Angel Cordova Santos and Jorge Luis Clavo Aguilar, of the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Crime Prevention, went to the “Galería Cercado” located at 1247 José Balta Avenue, where they interfered with 33 commercial establishments.

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The concerned authorities were surprised that they offered cell phones for sale, technical service and maintenance, so when they requested the documents for each of the communication devices, no one presented them to prove their legitimacy. At that time, 265 cell phones were confiscated, 27 of which were reported stolen and given to Osiptel, eight tablets and a suspect laptop computer were also confiscated.

Similarly, Fernando Mayo Quesnai Chavesta, 42, Luis Guillermo Castillo Blas (19), Samir Gambir Ramirez Cornejo (19), and Angel Eduardo Paceville Sambín (21), were also arrested. Also for brothers William David (31), Gerson and Uber Levi (28) and Sanchez Quintos (25).

As well as Hagi Lassiter Segura Carascal (23), Catherine Salvo Oliveira (34), Roberto Manuel Paucar Perez (34), Gustavo Alfredo Odar Colantes (29), Jordi Opletas Garcia (30) and Percy Ciro Espinosa (37).

They were all taken to the Divincri HQ and made available to the Duty Prosecutor’s Office, so that they could carry out their own procedures and determine how they obtained the devices.

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Investigators do not rule out that criminal gangs are dedicated to looting, assaulting and stealing mobile phones, then they come to sell them at low cost to these places, where they then erase the imei and codes, leaving them to work again after they were blocked before. owners.

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