She left her job in Switzerland just to make a living as a fighter

Gabriel Cruz

Mexico City, March 14th (EL UNIVERSAL). Wrestling came to Catherine Strutz’s life in a box of surprises. That night on December 31, 2018, a girlfriend pulled a role turned Wish to see her in her wrestling training. I was just a hobbyist.

She was born in the province of Flawil in her native Switzerland, more than 9,700 kilometers from Mexico, a country that at the time was nothing of the now-ambitious professional wrestler. The adventure began two years ago in Zurich, but a knee injury dealt him a real blow that prevented him from returning to the Enlonado team for nine months. When I was ready to do it (March 2020), the pandemic was the new contender to conquer. “I couldn’t believe it. But last November I came to visit a friend and went to train with Professor Skye,” the European said.

It was like discovering heaven, when he came home he told his parents that he would return to Mexico, leaving his job in marketing and everything his life was at the time. “I came back in January, there were various motives added in and now I have the confidence to be a fighter and to live from it, not from my savings.” And he takes it seriously, like a job, even if he’s not being paid for doing so at the moment. He is also not in a hurry. “I would like to make my debut this year but there are many factors. I don’t want to debut. Standing in the ring can be done by anyone, but doing it in an emotional way for everyone is my goal.”

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