She agreed to kiss her boyfriend in a viral challenge, but not everything went as expected

On the TikTok social network It became very popular influencers Take to the streets Ask people if they would agree to do a dare for a certain amount of money, such as getting a haircut, checking cell phones, or giving kisses to others.

in this occasion, A young woman accepts that her boyfriend has been kissed For a girl for money. The hot Spanish content creator went to different places in Mexico to offer different women if they let their partner kiss the girl who accompanied him.

She allowed her boyfriend to participate in a challenge and ended up getting angry

“Would you let your friend kiss my friend for a hundred pesos?” asked the influencer. Initially, the initial offer was 500 Mexican pesos ($25). But the amount increased until his refusal became inevitable.

The show shocked a couple who were walking through a shopping mall. At first they hesitated, but ended up accepting. Hot Spanish initially explained that it was not a short kiss, but the intensity of the kissing upset the girl, who preferred to leave the place.

“Your girlfriend is gone. If he accepts, right?” said the content creator. The young man accepted that the situation ended up making him jealous, but it wasn’t a reason to end the relationship.

So far, the video has garnered 34 million views and more than 36 thousand comments. Among the most notable messages are: “But it was a kiss not to eat it,” “I don’t know why they always accept if they’re going to get angry,” and “It gave me courage just to imagine it was mine.”

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Earlier this month, the couple’s attitude also went viral. Sometimes long-distance relationships are complicated. Claudia lives in Milan (Italy), while her boyfriend resides in his native Spain. Little He decided to travel without warning to surprise him, but his reaction was not convincing For social network users:friend, I realize.

The nerves that preceded the meeting were waiting for her. “My friend and I live 1,300 kilometers away and it came to me a surprise. I always slept on the plane, but I was very nervous”recounted in a video he shared on his TikTok account.

A young woman traveled thousands of miles to surprise her boyfriend.

Claudia suddenly appeared towards the passenger seat and tightly hugged the young man, who remained steadfast in a gesture of affection. “What a scare! What are you doing auntie?I managed to say. “Well, I’ll give you a surprise,” she replied excitedly. “Yes, I see it,” the boy argues. The publication has reached nearly three million copies.

Platform users criticized the young man’s reaction. ‘Get out of there, I’ll leave it more than you’, ‘He doesn’t seem too excited, he’s more excited about the song than seeing it’ orThose who own it, don’t appreciate it, hope he is indeed your ex-boyfriend.”Some comments were. Another noted “This is a clear example of: Friend, I realize it.”

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