Shaqiri puts Switzerland in third place

Shaqiri puts Switzerland in third place

The Swiss add four points and eliminate Turkey

Madrid, June 20 (Europe Press) –

Switzerland beat Turkey (3-1) this Sunday to add four points in Group A, and are hoping to be one of the quarters of the group to advance to the UEFA Euro Round of 16, thanks to a pass by Xherdan’s top scorer. Shakiri.

Both teams saved the best for last, but for the Turks it was a little late. In addition, Switzerland’s punch was superior and they were punished 2-0 in the first half by the Turks, who collided with goalkeeper Sumer on several occasions.

Turkey was full of warnings while Switzerland fired in their first warning, and Seferovic also recovered for the case, who turned with high quality and passed the ball into the net (1-0) in the sixth minute. Twenty later, Shaqiri shoots the team, again with help from Zuber.

The party went live with the best Turkish minutes. Şenol Guns’ men, along with the Mulder star, didn’t have the luck on goal or save Sommer, but they deserved it. At the time of the meeting, and with a great goal, Kahveci signed the first Turkish goal in Euro 2020.

However, the man of the day in Baku was Shaqiri, going 3-1 shortly after to avoid any kind of excitement. With the four points secured, and temporarily tied with Wales, Switzerland sought to improve its “goal average” without success, just as it did not get support from Italy greater than 1-0 to reach second place.

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After a ball to the post from Xhaka, Switzerland have to wait, although they are almost in the round of 16 as one of the top four players to advance to crosses. In the meantime, bid farewell to Turkey with their best performance, late in the last game and without points.

data sheet.

– Result: Switzerland, 3 – Turkey, 1. (2-0, in the first half).


Switzerland: Sumer; Widmer (Mbabo, 90 min), Elvedi, Akanji, Zuber (Benito, min 85), Zaka, Froeller, Ricardo Rodriguez, Shaqiri (Vargas, min 75), Seferovic (Javranovic, min 75) and Embolo (Mahmedi), on least 85).

They left: Shakir. Celik, Demiral, Soyuncu, Ayhan (Yukslu, min 63), Tofan (Yazici, min 63), Muldor, Kahveci (Gokcho, min. 80), Kalhanoglu (Tokoz, min. 86), Under (Kerman, min. 86) .80) Yilmaz.

– Objectives:

1-0, minimum 6, Seferovic.

2-0, minimum 26, Shaqiri.

2-1, minimum 62, Kahfji.

3 – 1, minimum 68, shakiri.

Referee: Slavko Finch (SLO). Shaka (minimum 78) was warned by Switzerland. and to Calhanoglu (minimum 70), Celik (75 minutes) and Soyuncu (minimum 76) in Turkey.

Stadium: Baku Olympic Stadium.

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