Shakira, does Pique have another cell phone stashed in the closet?

In the face of media pressure for allegations of marital infidelity by Gerrard Pique from the direction of Shakira, who is the mother of her two children and has shared a life with them for more than 12 years, the couple announced that their separation has become a reality. Despite long-hearing rumors of the footballer being arrested with other women, the relationship officially ended this weekend after it was revealed that a 20-year-old would bring the athlete madly in love.


However, in an effort to silence more stories from emerging versions, unofficial versions continue to emerge about Shakira and Pique’s tenuous relationship. One of these reasons is that before the footballer was “arrested” with the 20-year-old woman, it was also possible that he had an extramarital affair with Gabi, the mother of Jaffe, his Barcelona teammate, according to journalist Melle Isat.

but this is not all.

Shakira Pique


In recent days, it has emerged that Shakira has become so jealous of Gerard Pique, possibly due to so many rumors about his infidelity, that because of this, the footballer had bought a cell phone – in addition to the official one – that he was hiding in his wardrobe at home, according to Informalia magazine , in order to talk about their affairs.

“They even confirmed that Pique had another cell phone in the locker room. At that first point they had been together for several years, there was a phone that I hid in the locker room to talk to these so-called lovers who were always said to have been in Barcelona,” she stated. Adriana Doronsoro.

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He added, “Then they told me that Shakira has always been a very jealous person from the start, she is very jealous and just as she has been controlling her mobile a lot.” According to the same medium, neither Shakira nor Pique are interested in fighting for money, but what has become a battle is the custody of the young ones, their children.

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