Seville Well Fusion lenses for presbyopia –

CV innovation Okay Fusion Intraocular lens Minnie Will Broxa (right) It is a novel solution that helps treat symptoms of cataracts and provides an alternative treatment for presbyopia in cataract patients. For clear, high-quality vision without glasses at any distance and in any lighting condition.

SIFI has evolved to build the Mini WELL PROXA based on the outstanding medical results of the Mini WELL (R) 1-5, SIFI’s premium IOL lens which was launched in 2016, demonstrating the expansion of deep experience and optical quality see excellent

Mini WELL PROXA is designed for lower eye implantation. It is combined with the implantation of the Mini WELL into the more prominent eye to bridge the near vision gap often associated with extended focus depth for IOL vision therapy while maintaining high-quality vision at all distances and lighting conditions.

The Mini WELL and Mini WELL PROXA intraocular lenses use an EDOF platform based on the spherical aberration distribution of the opposite marks in the center of the lens. This is a proprietary and patented technology by SIFI to correct presbyopia and type IOL.

Mini Will Brooks It is already available in Italy, Romania and Spain and will be available in other European countries in 2021.

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