A fake identity for e-athletes and pro teams cheat again – games

A 17-year-old is forging his ID in order to participate in the Australian “CS: GO” tournament, which actually only starts at the age of 18.

A strange story from Australia. 17-year-old Tyson “as soon as possible” »Patterson was elected from the largest esports league in the world, ESL, Is prohibited. The young man did not use any evil cheating or insulting the opponent, no, he committed a real crime. He forged his identity for a 2 by 2 tournament. Reason: You must be of legal age to participate in the tournament.

ESL Bans Teens for 12 Months, No More Punishments for Tyson “ASAP” Patterson. He could be glad that falsifying official documents is also a criminal offense in Australia. Asap can carry a sentence of up to five years in prison for his actions. The German-based E-Sports Federation has declined to file a criminal complaint.

Still bitter for Tyson Patterson “ASAP” and his cock team. This had to give up his place in Dreamhack Winter 2020: Oceania and could not participate in the other tournaments for which the team had qualified. For the young player, this is definitely a lesson for his future sports career.

Sniping is the real scandal

But is this ban justified? right Now? The “CS: GO” scene just witnessed one of the biggest scandals in its history this month. Apparently, coaches of almost all major teams are said to have been running sniper fire for months. What is the sniping stream you wonder?

This is when you watch your opponent broadcast their matches on the Twitch streaming platform. This way you know what he’s doing and have an advantage. This is exactly what all the professional teams did, i.e. their coaches, who passed the information on to their players. Absolute absurdity is nothing more than fraud.

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The Esports Integrity Committee, which investigates such cases, has not penalized any teams. why? Since there is not enough funds for further investigation, the penalty will have a very big impact on the scene as far too many professional teams will participate. So you cut yourself into your flesh, meaning you lose a lot of money.

Not the first scandal

A scandal like this from Australia is the right thing to do, and a satirist might think it’s drawing attention to this 17-year-old. Precisely because it recently A similar situation An event in which the coach was able to through one Software bug To see the opposing team. Which gave the team a great advantage.

The big esports tournaments want to get a closer look at teams in the future, and if a large esports organization sees their opponents again, there will be heavy penalties. This has been reported by the Esports Integrity Committee.

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