Several rockets are frustrated by the “problematic” star-centered culture.

James Harden And the Russell Westbrook They are said to be concerned about the direction of the missiles. Westbrook appears to be so disturbed by Houston culture, he has asked for a trade.

But these stars are not alone in their fears.

The role of missiles PJ TuckerAnd the Eric GordonAnd the Danwell House And the Austin Rivers He also had problems last season.

Kelly Eco, Sam Ameek & Shams Sharania from Athletic:

Sources said former teammates described the culture in Houston as problematic, and highlighted a situation that does much to its stars.

Sources said PJ Tucker, who is undeniably on the team, was furious about putting his contract in place throughout the season.

The sources said that Eric Gordon, who won the Best Player of the Year award in 2017, had endured a difficult season from the point of view of injury, but he was also not happy with the decline in his role and importance since the 2016-2017 season.

Sources said House was another player who was unhappy with his use and infringement and had verbally challenged Dantoni, Harden and Westbrook this season. Sources said that his January revolution with a road win against the Hawks was the first time House had publicly lost his cool in this way, but this was not a single incident.

Sources said that Rivers was not happy at times due to inconsistent playtime and usage. In one case, Rivers went on a sermon full of profane words after a match in which Dantoni called for his replacement, only to change his mind and insert a new signature. De Mar Carroll. In another case, Harden barked at Rivers after the former MVP missed a free throw and blamed Rivers – who was standing next to the bench – for distraction.

Players clinging to money and playing time and role?

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These are the most normal problems in the NBA.

But its spread in the media with years of buildup points to a more serious problem in Houston. Eko, Ameek and Sharania detail the previous Rockets number that excluded the team culture. The The whole article Worth reading.

All this reflects poorly on Harden. He was not well with the stars Dwight HowardAnd the Chris Paul And now Westbrook. Role-players clearly have issues, too. It’s no fun watching Harden dominate the ball in isolation and cover his poor defensive efforts.

Players will bear more in the midst of victory. But the rockets are slipping in the wrong direction.

Additionally, Houston had a lame duck coach in Mike Dantoni and, in hindsight, a general manager of a lame duck in Daryl Murray last season. The whole situation was combustible.

Therefore, Tucker sparked an outcry about his contract extension. Gordon suspends his personal struggles elsewhere. House and Rivers complains about their roles.

What now?

Tucker, Gordon and House are still subject to next season’s contract. Tucker is in his mid-30s, so Houston may not be in a hurry to secure more money for him before necessary. Gordon could see a bigger role if Westbrook was traded, but Gordon must still be healthier to take advantage of it. In the simplest case: the house lost its place in the bubble to complain about anything.

Perhaps Harden would look in the mirror and adjust his driving style. But that is too far into his career, I wouldn’t count on him. He’s fully empowered (including by Morey, who’s worth checking out to oversee this chemistry mess).

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New General Manager Raphael Stone Coach Stephen Silas have their hands full to establish a better culture.

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