Selena Gomez hasn’t settled with Jimmy Butler after ‘few dates’

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The “Lose You to Love Me” singer’s relationship with the Miami Heat player is allegedly “very casual” and not yet serious, although she “thinks he’s an amazing man”.

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Selena Gomez He has not yet plunged into a serious relationship. Despite news of his continuing “few dates” with the NBA star Jimmy Butler“Lose You to Love Me” was in no hurry to settle down with the Miami Heat by keeping things between them “very normal”.

It was providing more details about the 28-year-old singer’s romantic life is being! News. “They stopped several times while Selena was in New York City,” the newspaper quoted a source as saying. “Jimmy asked her to go to dinner and they had a good time.” “It’s very informal and she is open to seeing where things are going, but she hasn’t settled yet.”

Former star ofWizards of Waverly PlaceIt was also said that she “keeps her options open but has been on a few dates with Jimmy and thinks he’s an amazing guy.” The alleged insider added that she is “currently single but recently more open to dating,” and her friends “want to set her up all the time.”

Instead, Selena, who had lupus, was “very keen on her health this year.” The source stated, “She barely left her quarantine bubble. She has been very busy working from home on her new beauty line and is very proud to have launched during the pandemic. She has been enjoying cooking at home and has seen only a few select friends and family members regularly.” .

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Selena has sparked dating rumors with Jimmy after the two were spotted enjoying dinner together at Lucien’s restaurant in New York City. The Miami Herald reported that a social media user shared a text screenshot that it said came from a private Instagram gossip page, Deux Moi.

“Spotted Selena Gomez with Jimmy Butler in Lucien,” “It looked like a date,” “100% sure they were there together, I can’t talk if that was the actual date,” and “But they were there together” chats shown in the screenshot .

Screen capture from Selena Gomez

It has been reported that Selena Gomez is having dinner with Jimmy Butler.

Dating rumors spread two years after bomb maker “Wolves” split up with her sporadic ex-boyfriend Justin Beiber. She was also romantically attached to her fellow musician weekend For about a year before they parted in 2017.

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