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TikTok star Addison Rae makes her debut opposite Tanner Buchanan (‘Cobra Kai’) in commedia romantica “It’s all this”, which airs on Netflix on Friday, August 27. The film is a remake of Kiss Me (1999), but with social networks at the center of the scene and roles reversed: this time the protagonist is a girl, while the subject of her interest is him.

It’s all about this, it’s all about the movie

The plot tells of a famous influencer who finds out in the worst possible way, that is, during her stay with her followers, that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Shot with pride and convinced that she was an integral part of the popularity of the former, who personally took care of his appearance, she decided to take revenge
Turn the least popular student in school into the next prom king. Needless to say, the heart has a hand in it, even if the victory of love was not at all easy.

As mentioned earlier, “it’s all of it”
Remake of “Kiss Me”, which in turn was inspired by George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion and My Fair Lady (1964). The script for “He’s All That” was written by
R Lee Fleming Jr., who worked mostly in television, cut his teeth with the TV series “Friends” and “One Three Hill” and then created and wrote “Light as a Feather”. The direction was signed instead
Mark Waters, who has films such as “Mean Girls”, “That Crazy Friday”, “The Ex-girlfriends Uprising” and “Vampire Academy” on her resume.

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Stand out in the cast
Addison Ray, who started posting videos on TikTik in 2019 and quickly became one of the most popular personalities on the platform, along with Charli D’Amelio and Italian Khaby Lame. colleague
Tanner Buchanan We saw him in “Cobra Kai” and “Designed Survivor”, while other important roles are
Madison Pettis (‘five points’),
Rachel Lee Cook (“Guaranteed love”) e
Peyton Meyer (“Girl Meets the World”).

The trailer is dubbed in Italian

How do you watch the movie?

“It’s all this” was not lost in the decoration and
Duration 1 hour 31 minutes. Netflix considers viewing suitable for viewers of all ages, teenagers are preferred. Just wait until August 27, the day of inclusion in the streaming content catalog, and then choose your preferred time and viewing mode.

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