Second gold in rugby for Fiji

NSIf it’s a gold medal in singing, then Fiji’s rugby players stand a good chance of winning another Olympic gold. On Wednesday, having just won the final against New Zealand, the giants from the small Pacific island stood hand in hand in the deserted Tokyo Stadium. For many of them, eyes still wet from the overwhelming sense of victory, they began the gospel. And how they sang! Polyphonic, harmonious, emotional tones, of express artistic value. An Olympic moment I touched.

Now you know that the extraordinary singing band of strength has a long tradition. Just a few months ago, a video came out on the internet showing a group of the Fijian rugby team singing. Standing on the hotel’s small balconies, players gave the staff an energetic, thank you singing of thank you for caring during the mandatory two-week quarantine for travelers to Australia. Also in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Fijians performed the art choir.

They also previously won the gold medal in the first Olympic display of Rugby 7. At the time it was their country’s first Olympic medal. In their homeland, the players were greeted as heroes. Their triumphant journey led them through all regions of the island and lasted nearly a week. The small Pacific state has a population of 900,000. Almost everyone wanted to cheer for medals and winners up close. Meanwhile, a team portrait of the Rio heroes adorns a banknote.

Other than that, only Queen Elizabeth II appears, and she is still officially the highest-grossing representative figure in the former British colony. A rugby ticket costs about five euros. on paper. Because the sentimental value is several times higher for most Fijians. Before the final in Tokyo, the special notes were used as a lucky charm in many places.

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In 7er rugby, the smaller, faster and shorter version of the three-day championship version of this combative and physical sport, Fiji is what New Zealand has for its legendary “All Blacks” in the 15er’s most iconic: the measure of everything. for years. Fijians won the world championship, topped the world rankings and won several times in the “World Championship”, the most important series of tournaments. They were also considered a favorite in Tokyo. But the competition, especially from classic rugby nations like New Zealand, South Africa and Great Britain, has been tough.

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