Netflix, “Young Royals”: a new Swedish teen series

Young Royals will be available on Netflix from July 1 on the streaming platform. The new teen television series tells the story of a young prince named Wilhelm who, once he reaches a prestigious boarding school, dreams of a life devoid of court obligations. But things are not that simple. Let’s see the plot and put it together.

The new Swedish TV series Young royal family will appear for the first time Netflix The July 1, 2021. The protagonist of the series is Principe Wilhelm, who begins his new life in the name of freedom and unconditional love at a prestigious college Hillerska. but one unexpected news It will force him to make an important decision.

Young Royals is a colorful series for teenagers LGBTIndeed, from the official trailer for the TV series, it is possible to conclude how the young prince falls madly in love with a boy.

The directors of the series are Rogda Secursose e Erica Calmerwhile the book Pia GradvalAnd the Sophie Forsman e Tov Forsman. As executive producer we find Lars Bikong, while manufacturers Lisa Bergren Air e Martin Soder.

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Royal Youth: Do not throw

Young-Royals-Principe-Wilhelm-Credits-NetflixPrince Wilhelm A new school year begins HillerskaIt is a prestigious college in SwedenAnd he begins to dream of a future devoid of real obligations, consisting of freedom and unconditional love.

Wilhelm begins to settle down and make first friends. For the first time, he manages to find true friends, who do not comment on his lips only because of his nickname. Unfortunately, things get complicated when they develop unexpectedly heir to the throne And you will face a deep dilemma: love or duty?

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Young royals: the cast

young-kings-credits-netflixPrince Wilhelm played before Edvin Riding, while his mother Queen ChristinaSwedish actress played Pernilla August.

They take the role of the prince’s colleagues Malte GardingerAnd the Frida ArgentoAnd the Nikita Ugla e Omar Rodberg. To complete the cast there Felicia TroysonAnd the Natalie FarleyAnd the Mimi SeonAnd the Egila OlsonAnd the Rene MeroAnd the Livia Milhagen e David Lynman.

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