Scotland, without a referendum on independence until permission from the United Kingdom

Scottish Government An independence referendum cannot be held without UK government approval. The ruling was issued on Wednesday by the Supreme Court.

Among the plans Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon Highlights Call for a referendum on October 19, 2023.

However, the court unanimously ruled that sturgeon did not have the authority to do so. Indeed, the decision deals a heavy blow to the nationalists.

The Scottish Parliament He does not have the power to legislate “To hold a referendum on the independence of Scotland,” said Robert Reid, the chief justice of the United Kingdom.

He explained that the laws which, in 1999, created the dissolved Scottish Parliament meant that it had no power over areas of the constitution. This includes matters relating to Union between Scotland and England.

Scottish independence activists demonstrate in front of the UK Supreme Court | Photo: Reuters

On the other hand, he rejected the argument of the Scottish government to hold any referendum would simply be an “adviser” It will not have any legal effect on the union.

According to the Scottish authorities, people will only give their opinion on whether or not Scotland should become an independent country.

The UK government has so far refused to give formal approval to the vote that took place before 2014 referendum.

The Scottish authorities now consider the scenario to be very different, with The United Kingdom is outside the European Union.

after the decision, Sturgeon was disappointed with the verdictBut he confirmed that he respected her. Added that supreme “He does not make laws, he only interprets them.”

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He added that the law, which does not allow Scotland to choose its own future, “debunks the myth of any notion that the United Kingdom is a voluntary association”. In addition, he confirmed it Strengthens the case for independence.

Scottish democracy will not be denied.” Confirmed in a thread.

He added that Wednesday’s decision “cuts short a path for Scotland to be heard on independence, but in a democracy, our voice cannot and will not be silenced.”

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