Scholarships for Argentine students who want to pursue a postgraduate degree in the UK have been launched: How to Apply

One of the professors of Argentine scientists who traveled to the UK through the Chevening programme. / Photo: British Embassy in Argentina

Scotland Yard‘, the slang name used by the Metropolitan Police LondonIt has its origins in the name of the street on which the back door of the central building of that security apparatus opened. What started as a kind of nickname or subtitle has ended up becoming a globally recognized British brand.

The custom that the street name is used to name something bigger does not end there. “Downing Street“A reference on the map but it’s also a way of saying – again, all over the world -“Behind this black door lives the Prime Minister From United kingdom“. Another example: “monastery roadIt is a street but above all, at this point in popular culture, The way the Beatles found them to say goodbye.

The London street where the UK’s Head of Foreign, Commonwealth and Development (FCDO) lives is called Chevening. Chifeng They are also called, because of that habit which has a lot of examples, scholarships that British Ministry gives for it Students from 160 countries around the world travel to any UK university to study after graduation. This is Tuesday Open registration For Argentine students who wish to apply for it.

“There is no set number of quotas for Argentine citizens because the global budget has to be estimated, but In recent editions, about 20 people traveled out of an average of 500 to 600 annual orders.“, description of Infobae Pamela Maggiethe Chevening Program Coordinator in Argentina, whose base of operations is located at the UK Embassy in Buenos Aires.

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Specifically, the program – which was established by the British Ministry in 1983 and which has been implemented without interruption in Argentina since 1991 – offers Scholarships to spend a year in the classroom at a British university After obtaining a bachelor’s degree. The registration launched this Tuesday will determine the list of scholarship holders who will travel in September 2023, with the start of the UK academic year.

Pamela Magee coordinates the scholarship program in Argentina.  / Photo: British Embassy in Argentina
Pamela Magee coordinates the scholarship program in Argentina. / Photo: British Embassy in Argentina

There are, of course, requirements that must be met to apply for one of the scholarships. Applicants must be citizens of Argentina, hold a university degree, speak English fluently, and be able to demonstrate at least two years of work experience and a commitment to return to Argentina. After obtaining a master’s degree. There is no age limit for the application There is no maximum number of attempts.

Registration is done online and the first place is to choose those in the race for the scholarship in the UK. February is the month when applicants have the first indication of whether or not they are still in the race Operation can be launched from this Tuesday in

The selected scholarship holders will travel to the British city where the university of their choice is located -”Most of them choose LondonMaggie explained. Chevening Scholarship, funded by the United Kingdom, It includes round-trip tickets, visa cost, university fees and a monthly stipend that covers basic expenses such as housing and transportation. At the same time, all colleagues receive Health coverage of the national health system (NHS) and possibly additional grants that allow funding for some research that is part of the master’s or postgraduate course they are attending.

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The program coordinator said at a press presentation held at the residence of the British Ambassador in Buenos Aires. At the moment, there are two flags that welcome the stately Recoleta building: the flag United kingdom and also that UkraineAs a sign of support for this country and this people after the Russian invasion that broke out in February of this year.

“Interests about what the master’s and postgraduate degrees have to do are very diverse. You can apply for the scholarship as a graduate of any university degree and with the intent of pursuing any type of further study.There are no objective limitations in this sense,” Magee explained. Gender, human rights and climate change These are some of the disciplines that have aroused the curiosity of those enrolled in recent years.

Among the variables considered during the selection process for scholarship recipients are Leadership and networking skills, your professional development plan for the short, medium and long termand prospects for studying in the United Kingdom. All this information is presented through four articles once the application is started. In all, the process for scholarship holders selected for travel to be identified takes about ten months.

Oxford traditional university.
Oxford traditional university.

Chevening Quality Seal. Whoever has gone through this experience has gone through a very competitive selection process and presents a leadership profile that they had to start showing while applying.” Marina Ponce. She is an accountant, intern from the class that traveled in September 2019, and Vice President of Chevening Alumni Argentina, an association that brings together many of those who made the experience. “I found in London a more active pedagogical form, in the sense that there was more arguing with the teacher, with his sources, with the readings he brings. That was very enriching for me,” he recalls.

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Diego Ardiaca, who heads the Alumni Organization, traveled to London on a Chevening Scholarship in 1999. He studied political science at UBA and completed his postgraduate studies at the London School of Economics. The feeling upon arrival was the feeling of being Compete in major tournaments with global academic elites. It’s challenging and at the same time very satisfying when you feel like you can. I think playing a lot in first class and also the multiculturalism that you start to be a part of in a cosmopolitan place like London can be one of the most important values ​​of the scholarship,” he explained, adding, “At the door of this room there is a sign saying this is a life-changing opportunity. . He’s not lying about anything.”

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