Schlehdorfer Realschule is on track: registration numbers are consistently high

Eight years have passed since the decision was made to continue into Schleidorf High School if enough students were enrolled. That worked for the past few years – and it shouldn’t be a problem this year, either. The sale of the monastery should also have a positive effect.

Schlehdorf – In 2012, students, teachers, parents as well as many local politicians and former alumni fought to preserve the Schlehdorfer Realschule St. Immaculata. The diocese of Munich Freising wanted to close the school that only girls were attending at the time. The excitement was amazing. In 2013, it was agreed that continued existence is guaranteed if enough children are enrolled to guarantee double movement – that is, 50 young people per school year. Since September 2013, the boys have also been accepted.

If you look at the numbers over the past few years, it becomes clear that the school still has a very good reputation – and that the enrollment requirements are met every year. Also for this year, Headmaster Manfred Elitz expects to reach class. “The evening of information on the Internet was very well received,” the university president says upon request. Registration this year will take place on May 7 from 1.30 pm, with attendance.

325 young men and women are currently educated in high school, according to Ilitz, two-thirds of girls and one-third of boys. Most of them come from the region of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen, the others from Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Weilheim-Schongau.

Alternate lessons are also currently taking place in Saint Immaculata. “It works very well,” says Elitz. “The teachers and students are happy to be able to lead a half-normal life again.” But there were no problems with homeschooling, either. “We set the course early so access works,” says the university president. Microsoft Teams is being used.

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Elitz mentioned that you get along well with the “new neighbor”, Wogeno Munich, who is known for his desire to renovate and manage the historic monastery building. “There are no disabling factors.” The sale of the monastery ends only when Wogeno has all relevant building permits from the district office. As reported, the renovation of the West Wing will soon begin. If, as Ellitz says, with the monastery selling “everything in the towel,” he could imagine that the Archbishop, as the school’s pastor, would refrain from insisting on a quota of at least 50 new students each year. “I can really imagine that this goal will be abandoned, simply because everything is going well here and developing well,” says the university president.

They are now in contact with the parish, which wants to have a parish hall in the old monastery. “It would be nice if we could use this room in the afternoon,” says Elitz. The corresponding discussions have already begun. Lunchtime care – which is not currently available in the school – is used by an average of 20 young people who were previously spread over a room and a classroom. “If we could use a home room of some kind, that would be nice.” It is envisaged that the school will use the room at noon, and the parish room in the evening.

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