NFT, those digital “designs” with the transformation of billions

LOS ANGELES – We’ve written this pandemic here too many times, rhymes with definitely alternative ways of investing. From Pokemon cards, through cryptocurrencies, to bankrupt company stocks to sports cards, the search for a new financial Eldorado continues.

Perhaps no land of goldBut in any case, the one noteworthy is the phenomenon of NFT – or the symbol not amenable to fungi – practically the works of art, of various kinds and more or less beautiful to see, associated with the blockchain token (such as cryptocurrencies) that they make is, in fact, unique and unrepeatable. .

The turning point in this multi-million-dollar fashion, which in some ways also obscures the spectacular growth of BitCoin, is the sale of Christie’s, the 69 million, meta opera “Everyday: The First 5,000 Days” that unifies the 5 000 NFT “designs” of the artist. American Beeple.

Currently, the sales value of NFTs is around 20 billioni, according to a study by This goes beyond the true artistic value of the same and also thanks to the speculation of various individuals and companies.

So this phenomenon is growing on a large scale, even if we are already talking about a bubble, and it also has interesting developments. For example, there are those who use them as real currencies. Imagine a lot of digital banknotes, all with a different design and impossible to forge, and as a basis for loans.

An overrated interestBloomberg cryptocurrency expert Aaron Brown says the current version, which will not have unlimited appeal: “Bear in mind that NFTs are interesting and they are here to stay, once the appeal of collecting, trading and using credit fades.”

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Probability, on the one hand, conflicts with the interest from below and above for this kind of digital object, and on the other hand with the almost infinite variety and possibilities of this kind of association. Example? Even its first tweet ever auctioned for nearly 3 million, tied to NFT.

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