Saturday Night Live Replay by Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen appears to be getting a second chance to be featured on Saturday Night Live. The country singer was originally scheduled to perform at the October 10 show, but the show was canceled after videos of Wallen’s parties and fans kissing without a mask came out. Due to its COVID-19 safety protocols, the show told it it wouldn’t perform that week, but now the show has announced that it will be the musical guest on December 5th with host Jason Bateman. Wallen previously said that Lorne gave him a lot of encouragement after the cancellation and said that the show “will find another time to make this up,” so now it looks like the time has come (via variety).

When the original news reached it that it wouldn’t lead, Wallen took to social media to address him, as he apologized to SNl to fans for letting them down.

“I’m in New York City, in a hotel room, I was preparing for SNL this Saturday, and I got a call from the show telling me I wouldn’t be able to play anymore, due to the COVID protocols, which I understand,” Wallen said.

“I am not positive about Coronavirus, but my actions last weekend were very short-sighted, and they clearly affected my long-term goals and dreams. I respect the decision to show because I know I am putting them in danger, and Wallen said I take it up. I would like to apologize to me. SNL, the fans and my team because they gave me these opportunities, and I let them down. ” “On a more personal note, I think I have some growth to do. I think I lost myself a little bit. I tried to find joy in the wrong places, and I don’t know, it left me less joyful so I’ll try and work on it.”

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“I’m going back a little back from the spotlight for a while and go to work myself. I wish I had made country music and my fans would be proud on Saturday but I respect the decision again,” Wallen said.

NBC also announced the last three shows of the year, which will include host Timothee Chalamet with guest musician Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band on December 12 and host Kristen Wiig with guest musician Dua Lipa on December 19.

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