Santander is closing 111 branches in UK and shrinking offices due to telecommuting

Santander Bank Plans to close 111 branches in United kingdom By the end of August, at the same time that it announced the reduction of the headquarters in the British country, as it sent workers to combine work face-to-face with working remotely, the bank also announced in two statements issued today, Thursday. .

This announcement comes after the bank announced, on Thursday, also the introduction of its internet banking services. Open sofaAnd the It will also open in ArgentinaIt is also preparing for its incursion into the United States and Mexico. This means that at the global level, Santander is expanding its “online” banking services and declining methods in face to face.

The entity that he heads globally Anna Patricia Putin This Thursday it made clear that it was making its decision to reduce the number of bank branches in the UK to 452 due to the “constant change of customers towards mobile and online banking,” a trend that it considers “long-term and accelerated during the epidemic.” According to Santander, users will be able Also from making arrangements Through 11,000 postal services offices in the country. The bank is already negotiating with unions about ways to offer alternatives to those employees who wish to continue working for the bank.

From the standpoint of office-based rules, Santander has reduced closings of four to six and “introduced a more flexible way of working.” As stated in another statement, the city Milton KeynesWhere the bank is investing 150 million euros in a university campus, it will be headquartered in the United Kingdom, while the bank maintains bases in Belfast, Bradford, Glasgow, London and Sheffield.

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The bank’s closing offices are Bootle, Newcastle, London Portman House and Manchester Deansgate by the end of 2021. It also plans to reduce office space in London Triton Square, London Ludgate Hill, Leicester Carlton Park and Teesside.

Around 5000 workers You will be affected by these changes, which will now combine remote work with office work. “The plans reflect the repeated“ feedback ”collected from Santander employees, with the desire to conclude agreements so that Flexible Work remains after the vision obtained last year, as the Bank has settled in the statement.

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