San Telmo: City police rescued a young woman who wanted to jump from the seventh floor

in the last hours, City police rescued a young woman who was trying to throw herself into the void From the seventh floor of a building, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of San Telmo. After a complaint, the forces moved this afternoon to the house.

Impressive rescue in San Telmo

Arriving at Avenida Juan de Garay at 600, they found a 22-year-old woman who was on the edge of the building, about to fall to the ground floor. The operation began on the balcony to avoid a tragic situation.

Once at the top of the housing construction, in a coordinated effort between agents from the District 1C Police Station and the city’s fire department, the rescue team was able to rescue the young woman and put her in a safe place, after an impressive rescue maneuver on the edge of the building.

When the young woman was out of danger, she was taken to the ground floor where she was treated by SAME. Minutes later, she was referred to Argerich Hospital by police order with a diagnosis of a “psychotic outbreak”.

Everything was recorded by a police officer’s cell phone camera. At the beginning of the video, the young woman can be seen sitting on the edge of the building. Later, the young woman is shown hugging the building, her legs dangling in the void.

Policemen who participated in the rescue operationcity ​​police

Then you can see how two policemen, one on top of the other, try for several minutes to rescue the woman who was hanging from the ledge. With the help of more officers, after putting in a lot of effort, the cops are seen dragging the 22-year-old down a pole on the balcony.

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The Prosecutor’s Instruction Office No. 13 intervened in the event, in charge of Dr. Roma, the sole secretary of Dr. Evers. The operation involved personnel from the 1c police station, from San Juan and Entre Rios: Senior Officer Jose Cosenza, First Officer Aldo Suarez and Officer Luis Padilla.

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