Salcef, 2021 profit rises to 52.2 million. Dividend 0.46 €

(Teleborsa) – The Board of Directors of Salcef Group, a company listed on Euronext STAR Milan and active in the railway infrastructure sector, has approved the financial statements for 2021. The year ended with Revenues to €440.1 million (+29.3%), a EBITDA to 97.3 million euros (+23.3%) and adjusted net profit to 52.2 million euros (+25.3%). there net financial position It is positive for €114.5 million (adjusted value as at December 31, 2020 positive for €20 million). Council suggested a Dividend It equals €0.46 per share (an increase of 9.5% compared to the regular dividend in 2021).

“The results approved today give us a special set of For the first time in its history, revenues exceeded 400 millionwhich can count on backlogs of 1.2 billion thanks to contracts signed during the year for one billion dollars, and a net positive financial position of 115 million euros – commentedAD Valeriano Salciccia These results are the result of a combination of organic growth in the volume of activities in all operational business units, supported by capital expenditures of more than 10% of business volume, continuous research and training of specialized personnel, as well as the contribution of new acquisitions.

The group does not currently have any commercial or operating activities in Russia or in another country subject to sanctions by the European Union and the United States. Looking at the predictions for 2022, this is emphasized Expected Profitability Values “It will be affected by the effects, currently not reliably quantifiable, of a significant and unanticipated increase in the key factors of production used by the Group – in particular those relating to the cost of labour, raw materials and the cost of services, in particular sub-contracts, as well as the cost of energy, particularly fuels necessary to operate the machine.

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