Saint Pauli Irvine Leader: Between basement fighting and balancing action

With the World Cup in sight, that’s one thing. On the other hand, Jackson Irvine is facing a dangerous sporting situation with FC St. Pauli, because the Kiziker is desperate for points in the three games until the early winter break. On the other hand, the tournament is not one we look forward to with impeccable ecstasy. But captain Kiezkicker has a clear path in mind for the basement battle and country balancing act.

At the moment, only St. Pauli, the next game, the next battle for points, the next attempt on Saturday in Dusseldorf for their first away win of the season, counts.

Irvine says he’s been “frustrated” with the number of points so far, “because we’re below our potential — not in terms of performance, but in terms of results.”

Despite finishing 13th in the table and just two points ahead of the relegation zone, the 29-year-old sees no cause for concern. “We have nothing to fear. Faith in us is still high, “confirms the midfielder. He is optimistic. “I’m always looking. If we go our way and do things more right, I’m convinced we can turn things around and have another successful season.”

Australia’s World Cup squad will be announced on Tuesday

And on the day of the last home game in the first half of the season against Kiel, next Tuesday, Irvine will also deal with the World Cup. Then Australia coach Graham Arnold assigned his team to Qatar. Regular player Irvin will certainly be in attendance – and he hopes his St Pauli teammate Conor Metkal will also be nominated. “I wish him the same personally, but Connor is also a strong player who has grown and shown his versatility here in recent weeks.”

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Irvine has mixed feelings about the upcoming tournament. “For us players and our families, the World Cup is a big deal. It’s what you dreamed about as a kid,” says the fighter and character. “But we also understand the gravity of the situation in the country,” he added.

The Sokeros team published a video on the situation in Qatar

That is why the Australian team released a video a few days ago in which several players, including Irvine, expressed clear criticism of hosting the World Cup, demanding compliance with human rights and reforms in the emirate. “It was important for us to make a statement that we fully believe in, to make our position clear before we got there,” Irvine said. “Once we get there, football becomes a priority. We want to have a clear head and focus. We want to be successful there as a team.”

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Irvine represents not only Australia in Qatar, but also St. Pauli FC, which makes him very happy as a player who fully sympathizes with the neighborhood club and its values, he emphasized when asked by MOPO. He is happy to move from this special environment to his second World Cup participation after 2018. “Being at the World Cup as a St. Pauli player definitely means a lot to me.”

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