Alexei Miranchuk face Russia’s victory over Finland – comment

Russia This Wednesday, he managed to put down the Finnish rebellion with many difficulties (0-1) thanks to a wonderful left-handed goal. Alexey Miranchuk about to rest.

The Finns sold their skins dearly and had opportunities to paint, but at last it was the Slavs who took over cat in the sea and three vital points for your ranking options for Eighth final.

Thus the Russians recovered from a severe defeat against them on the first day Belgium (3-0), while Finns can still dream of reaching a crossroads on their first trip Eurocop.

Finland Only make a change from the team that was defeated Denmark. schooler replacing sparv In the middle of the field. while, Cherchesov He “punished” the goalkeeper shonen and to the middle seeds Because of his bad game against Belgium. the guy savons Debut under the sticks. In addition, give property to the left Alexey Miranchuk (Atalanta).

The Finns put fear into the local fans’ bodies with a goal as soon as the match started northern fire, who scored the historic goal in Copenhagen Barkin, but the referee canceled the goal due to a narrow offside.

From there the Russian siege began. Ozdov He scored the first goal in his shoes after a good group movement, but his free shot into the area went over the bar. Soon after, back to pass Miranchuk, the giant Dziuba He shot the center, but he was in an illegal position.

But the “royal owls” did not give up and also sought to gain the rear of the advanced Russian rear. goat NS northern fire forced savons To leave the target more than once. What is more, room A dagger was on the left.

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Mario Fernandez, who had hit several times for his squad and is a key man in the Russian team’s chart, had to be replaced after falling into a header and taken to the Health Center.

According to the medical part of the Russian team, Fernandez suffer Spinal injuryThat is why they had to put a collar on him and paralyze his neck.

Fernandez, which is active in CSKA MoskiHe was one of the most prominent players of the Russian national team in the World Cup 2018, where he scored a goal in Quarter-finals against Croatia.

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