Russia separates Spain from the World Cup in Australia

Russia beat Spain 74-78 to secure a place in the World Cup in a very close match in which Spain was irregular. In the other qualifiers, Bosnia and Herzegovina got the other ticket with an exhibition by Jonkel Jones.

After the harsh defeat of Spain against Serbia, which took it out of the fight for medals, the girls of Lucas Mondello had another important fight. With Russia as rival, there was nothing more and nothing less at stake than a place for the next World Cup, a competition that will be played by 16 teams and from which 12 teams will emerge at the World Cup in Australia.

After providing free tickets in order to get maximum support for the team, Fonteta was looking great. Spain She started with Laya Palau, Christina Ovina, Maria Conde, Raquel Carrera and Asto N’Dour while Russia He did this with Ksenia Levchenko, Elizaveta Komarova, Anastasia Shilova, Raisa Musina and Maria Fadeeva. Spain opened the scoring with an open shot from Asto N’Dor, while Musina executed it from the hat-trick on the Russian side. Equality was paramount with Asto N’Dour as a reference for Spain. Spain paused somewhat in the added free kick attack and dominated the first quarter 17-12 after a counterattack on the horn of Silvia Dominguez.

A basket from Leonor Rodriguez and another from Laura Gil to help the Canary Islands allowed Spain to achieve an interesting rank (21-12), but Musina broke the set 9-0 and started the Russian set (21-17). With 25-17 came the time of exit from Russia. The game entered a phase of errors in both teams but Spain continued to dominate the match and little by little they were accusing important Russian players of making a mistake (Komarova and Shilova 3). Only a lack of external success prevented Spain from achieving a very clear advantage. If you forgive, you end up pushing it, and a good Russian part puts the 33-30 score with which you hit the break.

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Cazorla’s penetration and basket after stealing Raquel Carrera opened the second half while Asto N’Dour made his third foul. Musina punished a defensive error and opened the box to the Russians (37-32). The defense kept several minutes ahead of Spain with a completely unsuccessful shot. Musina penalized another error in defense and allowed the score to level at 39. The meeting at times seemed to remind Belarus of trays spitting off the edge. After 5 consecutive fouls and with Musina waiting for free throws, Mondello (39-39) stopped him. Leo Rodriguez scored Spain’s first hat-trick, breaking a poor streak, but Glonte quickly answered (42-44). Another hat-trick by Glonte Liu answered once again leaving the score at 47-49 at the end of the third quarter.

A combination of fouls and some controversial referee decisions were cut by Ouviña with a shot from middle distance (49-49). Scoring close to the ring, Fadeeva hit N’Dour and a hat-trick from Uvina put Spain in front again (54-53). Minutes of exchanging the basket a few minutes, but a hat-trick from Shilova and a basket from Fadeva complicated matters and forced Mondello to stop him (59-62). It all seemed doomed head or tail three for Spain at Eurobasket (the previous two came out by tails). After several errors near the edge, Ndour broke the dreaded free kick 59 (61-62) and his hat-trick put Spain ahead again (64-62). Another triple by Glonte and Fadeva’s continuation made it very difficult with just over a minute (64-69). With Ouviña on the ground after receiving a powerful blow from Kurilchuk without a whistle, Russia made two free throws on the counterattack. 2 + 1 of Cazorla gave life to Spain (67-71). And the triple of Leo is a little more (70-73) to 27.9 from the end. In the free throw carousel, the Russians did not miss and took the match 74-78.

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Mite Cazorla was the best in Spain with 19 points. On the Russian side, Raisa Musina with 20 points and 9 rebounds, Maria Fadeeva with 14 points and 10 rebounds, and Ksenia Levchenko 15 points (10/10 on free throws) were key factors in Russia’s victory. And on 23/6 with a treble from Spain and the dominance of the Russian recovery ended (31-39), except for a miracle (the Olympic champion plays the World Cup) with Spain outside the World Cup in Australia.

Bosnia and Herzegovina to Primandeal with Imperial Junkel Jones.

Bosnia and Herzegovina He enters the World Cup in a match he clearly won فاز Sweden. He actually dominated the first quarter 10-25 with a brutal display by Jonkel Jones with 19 points, 8 rebounds and 25 PIR. The Balkans maintained control of the match at all times and captured 63-82 with 34 points, 19 rebounds and 51 PIR from the interior of the Bahamas. Rating 51 is the record on Eurobasket since the statistic was recorded.

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