Russia – NATO, difficult relations. Moscow publishes a proposal for a new treaty

when i relationships between flies and the then Getting more and more tense, Russia could take new measures and propose to the United States an agreement on banning exercises or other military activities outside pre-set lines, to rule out accidents.

The draft agreement was published by Russian Foreign Ministry According to some, the alliance remains unclear about its intentions. Its vehicles are in constant motion. The Kremlin stressed that Russia and NATO must return to good relations as happened in 1997 when the partnership contract was signed.

The proposals follow accusations by Washington and European allies that Moscow may be “preparing to invade” Ukraine. Russian diplomats and military rejected the accusations. As suggested by Russian diplomacy, Moscow and the United States should not use the territories of third countries for the purpose of preparing or carrying out an armed attack against their counterpart.

NATO countries concern

Meanwhile, on the border with Estonia and the Latvian alliance, military aircraft patrol and fly over the territory.Jake Suliva **n**The US National Security Adviser said Washington’s position is very clear. In addition, the 30 NATO member states were equally evident in the Atlantic Council’s statement. This means that we are ready for dialogue with Russia. We had a discussion on European security issues.

Words also shared by the allied nations. Secondly Gabriel Landsbergis The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania one can imagine what would be the reaction of Moscow, that is, to demand strategic concessions from NATO and the West in general. “The question is whether these concessions will be accepted. I hope that they will be rejected,” the minister stressed.

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For weeks, sections of the Moscow army were stationed around the Sea of ​​Azov, much to the chagrin of the Kiev government. But in the meantime, massive Ukrainian maneuvers, with the deployment of aircraft, tanks and artillery, took place in the Kherson region, near the border with Crimea.

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