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He mentions “Make the world a little better for children and grandchildren” Andrea Holzner as motivation for their political commitment. He is 57 years old and mayor of Tarsdorf, a community of 2,000 people in the far outer corner of the Braunau district. I recently moved from the Federal Council to the National Council.

Study agricultural sciences

After graduating from high school, she studied agricultural sciences at the Technical University of Munich / Weihenstephan. Immediately after that came two sons, and there was a lot of work in carpentry for husband Joseph (60). She has held the position of mayor since 2014. The ÖVP holds twelve mandates, four with the FPÖ and three with the SPÖ. Of particular interest to Holzner is promoting rural areas, and there is still great potential here. This applies equally to infrastructure, education, health care or care. Road expansion is a “permanent issue” in the area, and all roads there are overburdened. Contact with the Traunstein region is also important. There is an urgent need to replace the Salzach bridge from Ettenau to Tittmoning, “the project has been pursued for decades”, and above all to expand the broadband of the fiber-optic network available throughout Tarsdorf.

Four generations under one roof

In general, society performs many functions, as I proudly mentioned. There is an efficient business, a sound village center with hostels, and an active club life, we hope to be back again soon. This may take some time, of course, because the vaccination rate in the region is still low. “Of course, it’s troubling when even general practitioners work against it,” she says, addressing a central problem. Holzner lives four separate generations, but under one roof. And she has the strong support of the family, says the mayor and deputy: “This is very important for women in particular.”

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