Rudy Giuliani open this case wide! (Not)

Here’s the main part (with special thanks to CNN Betsy Klein To copy it):

“This pattern repeats itself in a number of states, and it is almost the same pattern, which sees any experienced investigator or prosecutor that there is a plan from a central place to carry out various voter fraud acts that focus specifically on major cities and focus specifically, as you can imagine, on “The major cities that are controlled by the Democrats … focus in particular on the major cities that have a long history of corruption.”

So, according to Giuliani, what we’re seeing in the 2020 election results is a coordinated, centralized, multi-nation effort to conduct widespread voter fraud – particularly in “megacities”.

Hey man! Giuliani opened this case wide!

I am a child. Because it’s hard to take what Giuliani says seriously. It does not suggest, for example, that Detroit election officials participated in voter fraud (important note: there is no evidence of voter fraud in Detroit or, well, anywhere)

No! What Giuliani claims is that in big cities across the country – although, most likely, particularly in swing states – there has been a concerted effort to engage in voter fraud. The plot is bigger than anyone can imagine!

You might reasonably conclude that such a massive conspiracy would leave footprints behind – traces that are more than just a series of allegations debunked about burning ballot papers or not allowing Republican pollsters to monitor the vote.

However, these conspirators were so good that only Giuliani – and a handful of other attorneys and commentators with very little to lose their reputation – were prepared to stand by him while he made these ridiculous claims – all together!

Here’s a full factual review of Giuliani’s wild and unlearned press conference.

If it wasn’t that serious, it would be very funny and embarrassing. But since we are talking about a peaceful transfer of power and believing in fair and secure elections, this is not at all funny.

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Sad thing. Pathetic. And dangerous.

the point: Sad. Pathetic. Dangerous.

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