Ron DeSantis compares US abortion laws to North Korea and China

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis believes the United States is off the beaten path with regard to abortion compared to other developed countries, including those in Europe, and said that when it comes to abortion policy, the United States “stands on one stand” with China. and North Korea.

On Tuesday afternoon, DeSantis discussed the abortion issue during a press conference on grant planning for state communities after a draft advisory opinion was leaked indicating the possibility of the Supreme Court’s downfall Monday night. ru vs. hurry.

“And I think part of this discussion of some of the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence is that it shows Americans looking at this, and then, for example, looking at Europe, how far away the United States was from radical legal wisdom. Compared to many developed countries, DeSantis said in A clip posted on Twitter.

“The United States tends to align itself more with countries like China and North Korea than with typical European countries, which are somewhat social democracies, which we consider to be more left-leaning,” DeSantis added.

On Tuesday, Chief Justice John Roberts issued a statement confirming the authenticity of the leaked document and noting that it was not a final court decision. He also called for an investigation into the leak.

On Tuesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis compared some abortion laws in the United States to those in China and North Korea. Above, DeSantis flirts with Republican Senate candidate Adam Laxalt on April 27 in Las Vegas.
Ronda Churchill / Getty Images

During Tuesday’s press conference, DeSantis also mentioned other states in which he has claimed a baby can be aborted up to the day before birth.

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“Okay, listen, I’m someone who believes in pro-life protection. I think it’s something that depends on science. I think it’s something that depends on the kind of who we are as a society. I think you see what some other states are doing going in a very different direction, where they’ll have a day before the birth of Baby – let it be wiped out, nine months later. I’m just thinking to myself, ‘How’s that? This thing could ever be considered appropriate? “

as an answer to news week, DeSantis’ office noted abortion laws in California and New York.

“In California, abortion is legal without restrictions for up to 24 weeks and is legal after 24 weeks after a physician’s “good faith medical judgment” (which the law defines as enforceable). New York has a similar law that former Governor Cuomo signs because, as he put it, “Roe v. A DeSantis spokesperson said in a statement that Wade “will be classified” in state law.

“So the prevailing position of Democrats in the United States is to have full access to abortions up to 24 weeks – and access to very late abortions, up to 9 months, with a doctor’s recommendation,” the statement added.

The statement went on to claim that Democrats have taken a stance on abortion similar to that of China and North Korea.

“As Governor DeSantis noted today, abortion after the first trimester is restricted in most European countries (similar to the recently passed Anti-Life Act in Florida). The statement said.

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