Rome Cyber ​​Captain. Cybertech Europe 2022 numbers and topics

The 2022 edition of Cybertech Europe, the two days dedicated to the Internet sector, concluded in Rome. Among the many guests are Chief Executive Officer Leonardo, Profumo, Under-Secretary of the Presidency of the Council Responsible for Security, Gabrielli, Director General of the National Agency for Cyber ​​Security, Baldoni and Under Secretary of Defense, Molly

Rome is the cyber “capital” for two days. In fact, Cybertech Europe 2022, the largest event dedicated to the cybersecurity sector organized in collaboration with Leonardo, has come to an end. Important numbers for this fifth edition, which resumes work after the pandemic: The conference was attended by thousands of visitors and more than 90 companies and startups from more than 50 countries. At Nuvola in Rome, experts and companies had the opportunity to discuss and update themselves on the current scenario of IT security, which is now more priority than ever and discussed in all environments, from politics to economics, to social networks. In fact, the pandemic has fundamentally changed the way of life in general, and this has multiplied the challenges, highlighting the need for countries, companies, organizations and citizens to implement new ways to protect their networks.

A global approach to cybersecurity

The CEO of the company opened the business, Alexander Perfume, which chronicled how significant investments continue to be made in the cybersecurity sector in various areas, from secure communications to the Internet of Things (IoT). Piazza Monte Grappa Group CEO commented, “Developing a global approach to security that includes both physical and digital dimensions is fundamental to protecting our economic, political and social systems,” noting that cybersecurity is a collective effort: “Private companies, national governments and European institutions must come together in A collaborative framework to enhance cyber resilience, protect communications and data, and secure European society and the economy.” Profumo also referred to Leonardo’s role as a “national security reference point”. In fact, the company invests about 13% of its revenue in research and development in this sector “We are about 1.8 billion euros, and that’s a lot of money,” added Profumo.

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There is still a long way to go

And with him is the Deputy Presidency of the Council with the delegation of the security of the Republic, Franco Gabrielle: “On the cyber security front, Italy has taken the right path, although there is a long and problematic path ahead.” Governor Gabrieli also announced the upcoming communication on the formation of the Scientific Technical Committee of the National Cyber ​​Security Agency, which will be announced immediately after the presentation of the National Cybersecurity Strategy 2022-2026, which is currently being examined by the Prime Minister. Mario Dragons. Gabrielli said the committee “will be made up of a very select number of people and will not have anything overwhelming”.

More training is needed

The agency that wants to be “a reference point for the country, for both the public and private sectors, defines the path we must take to be a more conscious country from the point of view of resilience”, as stated by its Director General and Roberto Baldoni, who spoke to Cybertech. “Putting the agency under the prime minister’s leadership is a guarantee of uniformity in the policies that will be followed,” Baldoni explained. The training plan will be especially crucial, according to the director: “Everyone has been left behind because all sectors have gone through a strong and profound transformation.” For this reason, Baldoni recalls: “We need a cultural change, which must come within each of us as citizens, corporate directors, employees, and public administration managers.”

The importance of cyber defense

Another major theme of the event was cyber defense. As stated by the Undersecretary of Defense, George mule: “Cyber-attacks can have the same or even more destructive effects than conventional military ones,” as demonstrated recently by Russian hacker attacks that hit several Italian sites, including the defense site and the Senate. During his speech, among other things, Molly recorded the news that the US Federal Information Security Agency, the US Federal Information Security Agency, in coordination with the FBI, was able to identify in Russia “the person responsible for the cyberattacks at the end of February.” against satellite communications networks, commercially to boycott Ukrainian command and control during the invasion and that these actions had spillover effects in other European countries.” A key result, because accurate attribution of a cyber attack is a very complex component to achieve.

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Cybertech Experience

Cybertech was born in 2014 in Israel, it has grown from year to year and is now present on almost all continents. In addition to Tel Aviv – representing the largest e-solutions event outside the United States with more than ten thousand participants from more than 50 countries – the event is now steadily also being held on the Old Continent, in Asia and America.

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