Roman Javras’ mystery movie is coming to Netflix

Written by Ledge Lee, acclaimed director of “Les Miserables”

Sarah Netflix For the release of the new movie from Roman Javras, a director that has been shown in recent years in Cannes at Quinzaine des Réalisateurs com with the film the world is yours And in Toronto with There will come a day for us.

Garvas is also known to have worked in music videos for artists like Jay Z, Kanye West, Jamie XX, MIA, and Justice. Not only has he also signed off on shorts for luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, and Dior. The hero of the film will be Dali Bensalah (no time for die), Anthony Pagon (doll), Cesar Alexis Manenti Prize winner (Les Miserables), Ouassini Embarek (Eddie) and newcomer Sami Suleiman.

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No other details are known, also because the streaming giant has not yet revealed the title, plot or genre of this mystery movie, which is currently being produced in France. The movie is expected in the Netflix catalog for 2022.

To make the project more interesting is the presence of Lady LyThe director who directed the huge success of Cannes Film Festival 2019 Les MiserablesThe film that was also nominated for an Oscar 2020. Elias Belkadar, author Majdi days, another movie that passed through Cannes.

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