Restrictions on rail traffic in the Augsburg region will continue until next week

Delays and cancellations continue for trains in the Augsburg region. According to Go-Ahead rail operator, the problems will continue beyond the weekend.

The pictures are the same now at Augsburg Central Station. Speakers announce a delay every few minutes. Annoying passengers rush from one platform to another, just to catch up with an unexpectedly oncoming train in the right direction. Employees ask for your understanding and try to help, but are often left at a loss due to a lack of information. since wednesday, When the Blitzeis bypassed the Augsburg regionThis is how it works now. There were also significant delays on Thursday and Fridayalso in part to train cancellations – and the mess isn’t going to end for now.

Train cancellations and delays in rail traffic around Augsburg continue

The Go-Ahead rail operator has to significantly reduce traffic at the end of the week and into the coming week. The company announced this on Friday afternoon. On the one hand, many vehicles are still damaged, and on the other hand, “new vehicle faults are constantly occurring.” On Friday morning, about 20 percent of the fleet had failed—in the afternoon, according to a spokesperson, damage numbers had risen dramatically. We apologize to passengers for the delay and cancellation. They are required to register via social media and electronic media for passenger information such as “Bayern-Fahrplan” ( or inform DB Navigator.

Freezing rain moving over the greater Augsburg region – situation in pictures

Photo: Markus Merck/Klaus Rainer Krieger

In order to stabilize the situation in the Augsburg network at least temporarily, Go-Ahead announced the Pendulum Concept for the coming days on Thursdayin the midst of it Augsburg You must lie. These plans are now outdated. “The concept of a planned pendulum cannot be implemented,” the operator said. Go-Ahead wants to hold train manufacturer Siemens responsible for the problems that have now arisen. According to the company, they are working together on a solution – “but so far not as successful as expected”.

Go-Ahead tries to fix the limitations

Meanwhile, the situation in Allgäu’s Go-Ahead network appears to be gradually calming down. According to the company, four trains were canceled there on Friday morning, but the “full program” was able to run in the morning. As far as the weather permits, the plan is to drive to the limit over the next few days. Why was it possible to correct the defects there faster? According to a Go-Ahead spokesperson, the reason is that a different type of vehicle is used in the Allgäu network. “The type of vehicle in the Augsburg network is already being used throughout Germany, for example in North Rhine-Westphalia, but now for the first time in southern Bavaria,” the spokesperson said. Milder temperatures in other parts of Germany may have meant that the troubles now occurring in Augsburg were not previously discovered.

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