Renewable energy, new 350 MW solar plant in California

The United States approves the construction of a massive solar power plant in the California desert. Target: to be carbon neutral by 2050.

a solar energy system at California desert which will be able to operate approx 90 thousand homes It was approved by the US administration headed by Joe Biden.

he is called Crimson Solar Project, will depend on an installed force of 350 MW and investment 550 million dollars (about 460 million euros). will have space 8 square kilometers It will be made in Blythe, California. Canadian Solar will carry out the works and will supply power to the Southern California facility in Edison.

With its Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan, the Obama administration has identified areas in the desert to develop clean energy projects © Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Solar power in the California desert

This announcement comes at a time when US President Joe Biden has pledged to extend the development of the project Renewable energy in public lands As part of a broader program to mitigate the effects of climate change, create jobs and initiate the energy transition to clean energy sources.

“Projects like this can help makeAmerica Global Leader in a clean energy economy through responsible development of projects on public lands,” Home Minister Deb Haaland said at a press release.

The project also includes accumulating system It is located on land that has been chosen for the development of renewable energy since then A plan to conserve renewable energy in the desert, an agreement between the state of California and the administration of Barack Obama in order to identify appropriate areas for the development of wind and solar energy projects.

To be carbon neutral by 2050

Currently , US energy needs It is mostly satisfied by Fossil fuels: The 45 percent, in fact, depend on natural gasIt is followed by coal (24%) and nuclear (17%). Renewable sources are at the bottom of the ranking, with trivial 12 percent.

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at american jobs plan (Maximum $2 trillion plan signed in April that affects infrastructure, transportation and labor sectors to mitigate the effects of global warming) Joe Biden commits electricity suppliers to guarantee By 2030 that 80 per cent From its own production comes from Zero carbon dioxide emissionsto reach 100 percent by 2035. Goals aligned with the commitment to make the entire United States economy Carbon free by 2050.

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