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The second season of Gentefied, the American television series that tells the story of the Morales family and their American dream, arrives on Netflix. Let’s find out together about the release date, plot and crew.

the following November 10 will appear for the first time Netflix The the second season from Gentified, an American television series created by Marvin Limos NS Linda Yvette Chavez. Gentefied tells a story Three cousins ​​of Mexican descent And their struggle to chase American dream, even if that same dream threatens the things they hold dear: the neighborhood they live in, their immigrant grandfather, and the family’s taco shop. below is tractor the second season.

Gentfield 2: The Plot

Gentifed -2The second season will begin with the events of the first season finale Eric Morales NS Linda had become parents Little dolphinaBut Eric knows he’s his Grandpa pops He disappeared from the festivities while he was in the hospital because he was Arrested.

We will find him again Free while organizing, armedTo stay in the US with the help of her social media fans and her lawyer Melina Bargan. But will it be enough?


Gentifed -3The main characters and their artists are:

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  • Casemiro “Bob” Morales, with interpretation Joaquin CosioShe is the widow of the owner of Mama Fina.
  • Eric Morales, with interpretation JJ Syria, a grandson of Bob:
  • Anna Morales, played before Carrie MartinShe is the artist of Bob’s granddaughters.
  • Chris Morales, with interpretation Carlos Santos, is a chef and grandson of Bob.
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Among the secondary characters we find:

  • Yésica Castillo, played before Julissa CalderonShe is Anna’s friend and a local activist.
  • Javier, with interpretation Jaime Alvarez’s photoHe is a local musician.
  • head of austin, with interpretation Greg Ellis, is the head of Chris in “Mangia”;
  • Lydia Solis, played before Annie Gonzalez, is Eric’s pregnant girlfriend;
  • Nelly Morales, played before Bianca MelgarShe is Anna’s sister and another of Bob’s nieces
  • Beatrice Morales, played before Laura BatalanoShe is the mother of Anna and Nelly, and she is a seamstress
  • Pancho Solis, with interpretation Raphael SieglerHe is Lydia’s father.

Among the new entries for season two:

  • Clarissa Tibo Come Brie Solano;
  • Manuel Oryza Come Ernesto Morales;
  • Ivana Rogas Come Saray Damian |;
  • Melina Bobadilla Come Melina Bargan.
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