‘Raw’? Researchers in Finland find a cure for alcohol hangover – El Financiero

a group of researchers From University of Helsinki and the University of Eastern Finland He is believed to have discovered what people have sought for centuries: a hangover cure.

1200 milligram dose of L-Cysteine ​​Amino Acid Reduces associated nausea and headache alcohol consumption, while a dose of 600 milligrams helped relieve stress and anxiety, according to a study published in magazine Alcohol and alcohol addiction.

In the randomized study, 19 healthy male volunteers ingested doses of alcohol of 1.5 g/kg for three hours in a controlled environment. The subjects were then asked to take either placebo tablets or L-cysteine ​​tablets containing vitamin supplements.

Researchers say that in addition to decreasing or even Completely eliminate hangoverL-cysteine ​​also helps to “reduce the urge to drink alcohol the next day”, thus fighting the risk of alcohol dependence.

Excessive alcohol consumption is common in FinlandIt is considered that more than half a million people are at risk of this problem.

The researchers received funding from Catapult Cat Oy, which sells L-cysteine ​​supplements.

The study encountered some difficulties. Some participants were unable to take all the alcohol necessary and had to be excluded, some had tolerance levels so high that they didn’t experience hangover symptoms, and some were sidelined because they insisted on completing the dose by going to the bar, researcher Marcus said. Metsala told local media.

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