Raul Jimenez will allocate the funds raised to projects in the United Kingdom and Mexico

Raul Jimenez set aside funds for charitable causes by a group
Fans raised a banner in his honor after the break
Skull that suffered in November.

Chain of fans
Wanted to raise money to put up a banner in support of Mexico in
Molino Stadium, for which they set an initial goal of € 8,500.

However, the total amount collected was an additional 18,000 euros, which will be divided into two parts
The reasons Jimenez chose.

One of them will be the Headway Association.
It is located in the UK and helps to improve people’s lives afterwards
Suffering from a traumatic brain injury and the other is the initiative
Mexican Jugamos Todos, who is trying to use soccer to improve
Children’s quality of life.

“My family and I
Overwhelmed with expressions of support from the Wolves family, from
Football and the whole world after what happened to me and my injury
Jimenez said.

“ Letters of support you have received,
By all channels and all over the world, it was done
Inspire me in rehab and my recovery
A sign in Molino is a special gesture. “

“I would like to thank all the people who invented this and everyone who donated something.”

He is still recovering from his injury after colliding with David
Louise and although there are no specific recovery periods, only his coach
Nuno Espírito Santo is confident he can play again before
Finish this season.

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