Rainbow High, su Netflix in da oggi streaming

Today, April 26, the animated series Rainbow High arrives on Netflix for live broadcasts, encouraging girls to believe in themselves and their abilities.



Christiano Ugrici


Today arrives April 26th Netflix at flow Colorful and dream animated series Rainbow highThis encourages girls to believe in themselves and in their abilities.

Famous students from Rainbow High School, the most desirable visual arts school in the world, have their talents, passion, and creativity on Netflix. Starting today, it will be possible to preview a 42-minute special show on the popular streaming platform containing the first episodes of the animated series that will draw the viewer into a world of color, costumes, fun, challenges, and much more.

Rainbow High, inspired by MGA Entertainment’s line of fashion dolls, follows the stories of first-year students at the world’s premier visual arts school as they learn the principles of GLAM (Grit, Love, Action, and Moxie). Viewers will recognize Robbie Anderson, Bobby Rowan, Sunny Madison, Good Hunter, Skyler Bradshaw, Violet Willow and other girls, all of whom are bent, talented and have unique creative abilities who work hard to fulfill their dreams.

In Italy, the series premiered on YouTube last month with weekly 5-minute episodes, and was instantly a hit thanks to the colorful world of Rainbow High and the strong personality of its heroes. Ruby is a graphic designer who customizes shoes with a chic street style and bold look. Poppy is Rainbow High’s DJ reference, she has a fresh and trendy style with many little butterflies as details. Sunny, bright and sunny as her name suggests and the yellow color of her clothes, she has incredible mobility, extravagant and adorable style.

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Jade has a passion for makeup and makeup which is her favorite way to express herself, she has an original, sporty and bold style. Skyler is one of RH’s most talented designers but she prefers not to be identified and let her work speak for itself. She loves to use classic fabrics like denim but in completely new ways. Violet, an influencer with hundreds of thousands of fans, is involved in films and digital media everything that happens at school by broadcasting an online reality show “The Vi Life” with her and her friends.

The series, with its colorful, dreamy animation style, encourages girls to have faith in themselves and their abilities, to immediately follow their passion with determination and determination because it shows that their dreams can really come true today … not after 20 years! Every girl can be inspired by the extraordinary world of Rainbow High, encouraged to unleash her creativity and not be afraid to show off the colors that shine within her like a rainbow. Rainbow High are beautiful collectible fashion dolls, fully articulated, in undeniably adorable and modern style, with long hair to clean, lots of trendy accessories and rich outfits.

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